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Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Hello there...

So, I am a designer but i am also a real person.... like many of you i love

shoes and handbags. Oh YES-- WELL..! fashion on a whole. I am a lover of

all things opulent and fashionable and would like to share my Journey as a

designer with you by highlighting authentic unique items including pieces

from my brand on my blog. "BAG MEET BLOG"

Of course living in N.Y.C make it easy to explore your fashion passion,

and if you love handbags like myself you probably were one of the many

people who ask me "where did you get that." I like chic and different

and maybe that bag i had was from my collection bOBETTE eIZA


My name is Bobette and I am a self-taught Artist with a lustful

eye for anything rare. I am also Designer and Director of the emerging

handbag brand bOBETTE eIZA Collection, a Luxe Handbag brand based

in New York City. Cliché though it may sound making my own bags was

something i have always wanted to do, so armed with my exceptional

artistic skills and my distinct taste in style and color i decided to create

and launch my own label three years ago. It's been an amazing three years

and i am thankful and happy for thI journey.

eIZA Collection Hilda tote handbag on the runway at

Harlem Fashion Week

Of course, like any new start-up it’s a process nothing happens right away. But I believe in my brand and my products therefore, I remain focus and consistent. It paid off when I won the EMERGING DESIGNER AWARD for HARLEM FASHION WEEK 2017, and had bOBETTE eIZA the brands company name mentioned in Vogue Italia. Also, a product feature/spread in the 2017 October issue of Fashion Avenue News Magazine, Vain Style Magazine and article featureed in Taji Magazine--- all a major plus that intensified my motivation.

I am thrilled to know my customers and very happy to connect with you becausei believe you are as real a person as anyone including myself.

2017 October issue of Fashion Avenue News Magazine.

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