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Who is Bobette..?

About eIZA


I am just an artist with the ability to pen my thoughts and transform them into something beyond my imagination. I am excited about colors, fixated on the synthetic of  fabrics their patterns and prints. I especially love incorporating them into designs that are classic and timeless...


The story

A luxury New York based handbag brand Founded by designer Bobette Reid. Bobette is  a self taught artist of Queens New York, who's strong enthusiasm for art and Fashion led her to Launched the bOBETTE eIZA brand.

Fashionably inspired from the best...her father, and with a tenacious secret ambition to spring to life her designs Bobette Illustrate her vision by incorporating unique one of a kind fabrics to create luxury handbags .

Her willingness to explore outside the box has allowed her to craft beautiful Purses in assorted vibrant array of colors which makes them wearable all seasons. Bobette takes pride in her skill as an artist and wears the name proudly. Her passion to create with style and functionality gives the brand a distinctive and definitive unique edge.

The Process

Of course bringing to life anyone's thoughts and ideas takes unquestionable willingness and keen process in order to materialize end results.

To accomplished elegance, beauty and express the quality behind the bOBETTE eIZA  brand, meticulous thoughts are give to each design development and manufacturing aspect of every products. There should be no lack of interest when it comes to hardware finishes on a handbag. Significant emphasis is placed on hardware's by choosing unique and quality hardware aesthetics to distinguish sophistication and classic quality. bOBETTE eIZA is functional and versatile, makes each handbag an eye-catching temptation.

As a New Yorker, Bobette believes in the fundamental of made in the U.S.A; There's a certain comfort in knowing where a product is made and what type of materials it's made of. She wanted the brands quality to speak volume therefore, personally shopping for each project  and manufacturing here at home perfected that . Materials are selectively hand pick by the designer while paying close attention to details. All handbags are made from  one hundred percent quality  materials sourced in the U.S.A  and Manufactured in  America. 

The Phylosophy

The bOBETTE eIZA brand highly believe in quality and sustaining consistency. The joy of designing strongly feeds those attributes.  Bobette knows too well that an individuals fashion choice is a self-expression statement, and handbags are a personal accessory that not only compliments but completes an outfit. Therefore, the fervent desire to inspire as well as give to her clients what makes them confident and feel Beautiful Inside out, has led her to design with grace, luxury, personal authenticity and sustainability paired with a certain definitive style and a consistency for every one...

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